Arkansas vs. Austin Peay

Arkansas is building a house with all those bricks and Austin Peay is hitting a bunch of hope and a prayer shots.

absolutely no flow,nobody taking it to the basket and Chaney gets the ball under the basket and passes it out! is he being told not to shoot!!

Cylla needs to start showing something.

These refs need to stop bailing AP out with their flopping.

great drive by Jones! others need to start doing that!

Henderson playing very well!!!

Eeeeeeeeeee thhhhhaaaaaaannnnnnn!!!

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Offense is inconsistent and AP is just getting some big breaks, either with last second shot makes or bad officiating calls.

Fouls & turnovers are killing us.

Did I just see us run the picket fence?

Refs need to call these AP flops.

Refs bad

Moving screen!!!

We’re passing up too many open looks.

I agree

Western Kent put 97 on these guys…hopefully our offense will be in high gear

I can’t watch the game. Why is Chaney non existent?

He’s been in foul trouble.

I don’t think Chaney’s even been in the game since halftime.

We’re only shooting 38% after halftime, but that’s exactly what APSU is shooting. And they haven’t been to the foul line since before the half.

Two big 3’s from Desi! These young men play hard every minute. I’m buying in to Muss!

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