Arkansas vs. Auburn MCWS

Could have been better
Had Stovall at second with no outs

But good at bats got the pitch count up for sure

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Yeah he would have walked Wallace and he would have walked Lanzilli. But those two pitches are tough to lay off of we just going to do a better job of pick them up

Great opportunity to put some real pressure on Aubie, but 3, 4, 5 fall short. Still, nice AB from Turner.

What!!! You are freaking kidding me man that’s perfect!!!


Wow that sure looked like strike 3 to Moore.


Good grief…

And then some. Great pitch.

That needs an investigation

I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a more egregious pitch call by an ump

Blind ump warning. Wow what a bad call on that strike

Was clearly strike 3. Let’s get DP here so it won’t matter

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Incredible play by Battles!! Good his butt didn’t need to be on first base anyway!!


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Out by a foot…

Yeah that wasn’t really even close

Nice quick inning. 13 pitches.

Looked close because the runner beat the throw for 85 feet; he really dug in his slide.

This ump is all over the place…

The strike 3 call on Moore was outside but it was close. The umpire is a little off so far.

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Unevenly uneven

Never swung the bat… hard to hit that way