Arkansas vs. Auburn MCWS


Well Matt’s podcast mentioned that McIntyre has the nickname of big game Mac, can’t get much bigger than this, better keep that curve ball down with the wind blowing out.

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Phil’s lineups are different from these. I double checked and these are the lineups on the live stats page. :question: :question:

I see Peyton moved to #2

Anxious to see if we start by swinging for the fences or making contact or watch and contest.

OK, so now Phil mentioned the switch between Stovall and Slavens. So I got it right.

That’s what I’m talking about webb way to go up ready crush it… now we have to get him in

Stovall swung at ball 3

Okay. Good start.

That’s what I’m talking about stovall stay hot baby!!

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This start beats the hell out of yesterday’s. 1 run in and runner at 2d with no outs. A big inning here could sure help McEntire.


Need get that run in from second base

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Need at least one more run, though

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Bring Peyton home

That guy behind home plate in the LSU jersey has been at all the Arkansas games.

Incredible at bat made him throw a lot of pitches he’s already up to 27

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Good AB by Turner. Got the 2d out, but advanced the runner to third and added a lot to the pitch count

We got to lay off that high fastball guys he’ll walk you if you do… glad we got one but sure needed to get that other one in…
Hopefully McIntyre can do a whole lot better than Morris.

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Damn Lanzilli swung at ball 4. Still a good inning. Ned a quick 123 here

Yes and the balls in the other batter box. Good start with 1 run now the hogs need MCEntire to get Auburn out without slowing a run.