Arkansas vs. Arizona

Wednesday February 21st in San Diego. Can anybody tell me where this game is being played? I can find out where the other San Diego games are being played, and no they are not all at the same place. Frustrating that the Arkansas website doesn’t have game locations for away games. Surely they know where to show up.

I’ve been told that game will be at San Diego State’s baseball stadium.

Its at the SDSU campus… Tony Gwynn Stadium … 17.0786595

I can’t seem to find a place to buy advance tickets however… ???

I’m having trouble too. I know that one of the games is at USD not San Diego State. So… since I can’t find any place to buy tickets either, I’m wondering where this one is.

Thanks Matt… that makes sense. A nice ballpark. But, I was hoping for Petco. LOL

The USD game is at their park … 17.1833042

Arizona (21st) @ SDSU at 7:00 PM

Cal Poly (23rd) @ SDSU at 1:00 PM
SDSU (24th) @ SDSU at 6:00 PM
USD (25th) @ USD at 10:00 AM

I’ve been told tickets are not going to be difficult to come by; you should have no problem getting them when you walk up, and you’ll be able to sit pretty much anywhere you wish. (Just as it was when we played out here a few years ago.)

Rox & I will be in town for all 4 games; check your inbox for contact info.


Yep… that’s the way it was the last time I went when AR played SDSU here a few years ago… will be there for sure!