Arkansas vs. Alabama

Smith has got to get his head in the game offensively this 2nd half. He’s letting Herb Jones get in his head.

I can’t remember a good Hog player lose as much confidence in himself as Desi has this season. He’s become a TO waiting to happen. Won’t even look for his shot. I feel sorry for him.

We should be fine this 2nd half if Jaylin and Devo can stay out of foul trouble.

Have to remember we do have the lead
We have played well

It just seems bad because they closed with the momentum

Well actually it IS bad. But a repeat of the first half gives us the win

Going to be tough to hang on because we can’t stay in front of them,they are just better athletically,when they drive by us we collapse to help, and then they pass it out to someone whose wide open for the three, if they hit them, we’re going to get beat, if they don’t we have a chance.

Herb Jones is a tremendous defensive player, he is much quicker than Smith and with those long arms, it’s going to be tough for Smith to get any kind of open shot

No long arms in your face on the free throw line.

Smith is not a good shooter, only about 70% at the line, if that

This is big time basketball. If he wants to play on the next level, NBA or over seas, he has to show up for the big games.

Night and day difference in athleticism,blow out in the making

Well Bama has made an early run. We need to take the ball to the rim.

Get Vanover out and don’t put him back in. He is crippling us on both ends.

Already getting ugly

This Bama team is really good

Lol. Silly comment. Overreaction. Hogs will win this game.

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Vanover isn’t quick enough for this type game.

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Good lord people, don’t panic yet.

Yeah that didn’t take long

That two minutes looks just like the first game

Totally non competitive

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Yep we had a chance to be up double digits when they couldn’t throw it in the ocean you knew it was just a matter of time

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It’s too early to panic. The hogs just need to settle down.

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We need to attack the rim. That’s where we had success and we’ve stopped doing it.

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It is not over yet, but we better step up the defense soon or it will be