Arkansas vs. Alabama

They are running too many advertisements, game is started every time we get back from timeouts. …

Devo’s 2 nd foul sent him to the bench early. Foul trouble will decide the game. Petty is just hot from 3.

He was smothered on that last three and still made it

Henderson always plays hard. Love his effort

They don’t do that in the North Carolina game!

Make the free throws!

Missing too many free throws!

We need Devo

Need a spark

Inexcusable to miss all these FT’s.

He will be back 2nd half I agree

We are going to regret not being up by 10-12 pts

STOP DOUBLING UP ON DEFENSE!!! They are going to kill us if we keep doubling up in the middle of the court.

Tough to hang on to lead when you miss so many free throws and keep giving up the 3!

Missed FT’s and defenders not doing what they are supposed to do the last 4 minutes of this half cost us a good lead going into half. We should be up by at least 6.

Still, did pretty good with a lot of our starters on the bench.

Game will be decided on if they miss the open 3s or not and if we continue to miss FT, they are a very good 3-point shooting team, we are going to have to get in their face or we’re going to be in trouble, they make it very hard for us to get open shot.

Good point General, starters seemed to be out for the final ten minutes of the half.

There is a reason they are #6 in the nation

We have to come out in the second half playing better 3 point defense and make our FTs for sure.

There is a reason they are running away with the conference championship and ranked in the Top Ten

They will blow by you if you play them too close, and nail the three if you lay off. And they lock down on defense. Really really good team.

Missing free throws was our biggest failure. That’s the one area the other team cannot influence. It’s all up to you whether you make em or not

Muss has had to try and pick his spots. No one in the league has been able to guard Alabama 1:1. That’s why you have to double. Unfortunately the guy we’ve left, Bruner, who had made 12 threes in the 14 games he’s played happened to hit 4 of them.

Henderson came in and played good D. I’m proud of these guys. They are in it too win it.