Arkansas vs. Alabama

Here we go!

I’ll be in and out on the boards, so everyone have fun commenting.

As well as Alabama shoots to 3 it will be interesting to see if we the Trap the ball the way we have.

I don’t think you can afford too but we shall see pretty quick.

Yep we did and they missed a very wide open 3

Connor may be a liability handling the ball.

Get Connor out or set up a different defense to stop isolating him on a shooter.

J Williams is not going to be sit under the goal and then run out there and try to guard somebody he will get killed just like he did why is he not out there to begin with

Yes Bama has missed a few so far. Just can’t depend on them missing all night long.

Williams reaches is what got the foul called. The hogs need to attack Petty and get him his 2 nd foul here early.

They have had sooo many wide open 3 ,lucky they haven’t went In!

Love to see us attacking the rim!

Looks like this is going to be a long game with a ton of free throws.

Refs are calling this game tight. Yikes.

And then all of a sudden they aren’t

We got mugged on several plays inside

Yeah. It looks like they are trying to set a record on foul calls. 16 fouls called in 10 minutes. Yikes.

It’s just not the effect of free throws, it is getting all these guys in foul trouble. Look at who is on the court now.

Need to get this lead up while they’re not hitting those 3s

Great minutes by Ethan. Hasn’t played hardly at all in weeks and giving us some good minutes.

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We better get to Petty. He is warming up

Ethan Henderson bringing some game!