Arkansas vs. Alabama

Starting off where LSU ended. Simple passes aren’t being made, passing to the wrong person on run outs, and missing easy shots at the goal. Defense is a little better though.

Please make a layup. Dunk the ball.

In 3 possessions, we missed 4 bunnies. A lid is on the rim for both teams at the moment, but Alabama will eventually kill us if we don’t start making some plays on offense.

Looks identical to LSU
WE are hesitating
Obviously have lost confidence

Poor passing and can’t finish under the basket, we have put more pressure on ourselves than Bama has so far! WPS

Exactly! We are actually getting the ball where we want down low, but we can’t make any of them.

Here we go again. We can’t make the simplest plays.

I agree with all comments…we look very tentative on offense and a step slow on defense.

We have no leadership on the floor, no one wants the ball, this team is in trouble if someone doesn’t step up soon. WPS

We have yet to have a shot go in
Our only basket was on goaltending

And we just handing them the ball

There is something terribly wrong mentally with these guys

I am starting to think they may be OVER coached. Thinking too much

too much dribble and lack of cuts…

We are just lucky that Alabama isn’t shooting well either. At this point, keeping it to a single digit deficit before halftime should be our goal.

Too me…they’re not really playing tough defense…
Alabama is getting to many easy shots.

Again, we don’t seem mentally ready for this game.

I am beginning to think this IS NOT Mizzu 3.0, I am
starting to believe this is who we are against SEC teams. Not very good. Good against cupcakes. Can’t hang with the big boys. We are quickly becoming a battle for the basement SEC team. Starting to think Auburn was the anomaly.

We are on pace to score 20. For the game, not the half.

We are clueless on offense right now

Not sure I agree with that. It’s not like we aren’t getting good shots, we just can’t make any of them.

I see a team that has lost all confidence

Possibly. I just can’t understand how we can get good looks and miss every single one of them.