Arkansas vs. Alabama game 3

Autumn Storms pitching again after yesterday’s shutout. Bama got a hit and a walk in the top of the first but did not score.

Hogs loaded the bases with no out and did not score, two Ks and a popup.

Bama got a run on a bases-loaded HBP but no further damage. 1-0 Scum after 1.5.

Still 1-0 through 3 innings.

Thanks for the updates.

Still 1-0 in the 7th.

Bama wins 2-0.

Hate that Bama won. It would have been nice to take the series against such a highly ranked traditional power.

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Same girl that beat us on Friday beat us today. She’s like 6-2, throws really hard and when she releases the pitch she’s about 35 feet away so not much time to react.

Montana is their all-american ace. Cannot hit her when she’s on.

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