Arkansas vs. Abilene Christian

Another bad game shooting the 3. We must speed the game up!!!

Good first half. Still shooting pretty cold from 3, but most were good shots to take. Team is doing great playing team ball today.

Defense has been solid except the last 4 minutes of the half.

Biggest concern is that ACU is killing us taking charges and our guys aren’t adjusting yet.

Officials have been wildly inconsistent on calls on both ends.

Good half but we are going to have to realize these officials are going to call an offensive foul if you breathe on the defensive guy. Foul shooting needs to get better,do a better job of Defense on the interior. Abilene Christian plays hard we need to come out in the second half and put them away early or could be a close game

We’re shooting 36.4% from the 3, so that’s pretty darn good. They are shooting 9.1. Tale of the first half is our 9 turnovers, our outscoring them by 11 at the charity stripe, our 11 assists to their 3 and our 20 rebounds to their 11.

Ridiculous that the SECN spent the entire halftime talking about football. I miss Pat Bradley.

They didn’t talk about football at all, that I’m aware of and I’m sitting here listening to every minute. So I’m confused. They talked about the NBA a lot. They talked a little about golf. They talked a little about Covid. But I didn’t hear football, other than their pick 6 reference to turnovers. We had 9, 3 of which were pick-6s. Over 10 minutes of gameplay was Muss on the phone. Not much if any NFL talk during that conversation.

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Streaming on youtube they had all football

I’m talking about halftime.

I’m on Youtube TV streaming. I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Halftime not during the game

My Bad, I should have read that. No one is in studio. What they played was the same blip they played at Auburns halftime. That’s about the 4th run today. It’s on repeat.

They wouldn’t have done that if Kentucky was playing.

Ha.My bad. see above.

If they played at 2 like auburn or at 4 like Ar they would have.

No worries

They are getting the ball inside anytime they want to, this will have to be way way better by the time we get in the SEC or we’re going to be in big time interior defense at all they are shooting 15-26 from 2 point range all of them right around the basket

Yea, it’s crazy they can score at will yet are down by 20. We are in trouble if we can’t get this under control

Here Jimmy goes talking Kentucky again, but at least he’s pointing out that Moody is better than the UK freshmen.

It’s just not possible for him to not talk about KY. Has he talked about any other SEC team. NOPE!

Too many guys standing around and not crashing the boards.