Arkansas vs. A&M

Here we go.

Do you think MJ has already passed up two shots from three ? WPS

Not a great start offensively but our defense is saving our behinds.

At this point both teams are playing good defense. WPS

Gotta have this win today!

Joe needs to get hot because it looks like Jones might be sitting for a while.

Henderson needs to fight for position better on those rebounds.

We’re doing ok without Jones, but Harris has got to stop running into the middle of the defense.

Is it just me or is anyone else tired of watching players admire there shot instead of following there shot for a rebound?? Specially 3 shots off the rim with a big bounce.

Lazy play and passes right now!!

what an absloute horrible way to end the half! have done that a lot…we better figure out how to attack that trap or its not going to be pretty

Joe got his ankle stepped on by Bailey at the end. Hope he can recover over halftime.

Aggies Playing harder and w more toughness

When your “best ball handler “dribbles it off his foot on the last possession that’s gonna leave a mark. Prior to that he would dribble the ball for the in tire shop clock and completely stop the motion of the ball.

Horrible way to end the half.

Honestly lucky to only be down 3.


Officials were actually pretty good the whole half until the end, where Arkansas players were consistently fouled and not one call to go our way.

A&M can run that press because they don’t fear any down low action. Musselman may need to go to Chaney and at least give us some muscle down low. Harris needs to use his speed and stop pussy footin around with these stupid rocket passes.

yeah that didn’t look too good…

Good grief that went ugly and dumb in hurry.

That was 2 minutes of uuuuuggggllyyy!

Gotta adjust to full court pressure,

Gotta get alot more hangry than we are.

Gotta have a great shooting second half.

Jones was the missing steady force in the last few minutes. Plus, Joe has two fouls. Hope to get the momentum back after half.

Well, can we beat 8. No way they are calling touch fouls on one end and letting them play on the other.

I don’t think Joe got it off.

Nope, hit zero