Arkansas-Vandy Game 1

Lanzilli in RF Bohro in LF Diggs DH…

Vandy swinging the bats very well right now.
Their starter is 8-1 with a 2.03 era but that is against midweek competition only.He is not a hard thrower 90-91 pretty good breaking ball The key here is he has only walked 6 in 48 innings which means he’s going to throw strikes, so go up there to swing the bat!! Like we did last week against the Auburn guy. Connor needs to get back on track and have a great game.

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Good job Connor… Now let’s come out swinging and get him some runs



Connor is struggling a bit with control

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Yep that’s why you don’t walk people Connor and put ball in the middle of plate to good hitting teams they will crush it

That pitch was right in the middle of the plate

He’s been doing that a lot the last three starts

Playing from behind again

And yet another walk. That’s all we need for him not to be reliable as we start trying to go toward postseason

Too early to hear the Fat Lady sing?

And a seeing eye base hit… this could get ugly real quick…3 stinking runs

That was with an 0-2 count. Bad Karma

Getting our butt kicked again

I hope we cn get their pitcher out of the game

We came back last week from 5 -0 we’re facing a whole lot better pitching staff this week. They got several guys in the bullpen with less than 1 ERA. Not looking good at all.

I just had a feeling with the way Connors been pitching and the way they have been hitting this might happen just hate to see it come to fruition

Didn’t even have time to get very amped up for this game

Overmatched so far

Yeah and they’ve got kryptonite on the mound for them

2-0 count you have to swing the bat on a pitch down the middle of the plate

That pitcher is settled in and we aren’t challenging him at all

Not the first time through the order we haven’t

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