Arkansas-Vanderbilt Game 1

Arkansas’ starting lineup tonight:

CF Josenberger
RF Bohrofen
LF Wegner
DH Diggs
3B Cali
1B Slavens
2B Holt
C Rowland
SS Bolton

LHP Smith

I hate watching the game over in Vanderbilt I just think their park is ugly . Hopefully get a great game out of Hagen and can get some key hits

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I’m sitting at Hawkins Field right now. It is much nicer in person than it looks on TV. It reminds me some of North Carolina’s stadium.

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What kind of crowd do they have Matt??

Hopefully we will keep Bradfield from going 9 for 12 like he did last year I believe… we could not get him out…

According to the Vandy website, it’s a sellout, and there are very few tickets available on the supplemental market for tonight’s game.

Reilly has an era of 6.43 35 innings pitched 33 hits 21 walks 49 strikeouts so he is one of those guys that will walk you …kind of like Hagen.

Capacity is 3,700… I was thinking it was more than that

Well, that’s 2 Ks for each walk; pretty salty.

So Vandy is 11-1 at home against SEC teams. 23-5 overall at home.

Will have to play like an SEC champion to earn each victory

There are a lot of Arkansas people here. I was told Vanderbilt was having a trouble fulfilling all of the Arkansas ticket requests.

Our hogs are fully capable of beating Vandy!

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I suspect the tickets that were on StubHub, etc., have been sold to Hog fans.

He’s a power pitcher …he’s going to challenge you… The key is to make the ball be in the strike zone… judging by his era he can definitely be hit if that happens

UCA beat him in February. Just saying.

Yes I saw him a few weeks ago and he was not real sharp… Be our luck he look like Nolan Ryan tonight though

Good Start with BB… but then Josie got picked off but they threw the ball away …thank you… got to get him in now

Wegner’s first pitch in a month and it earholes him

Wow Wegner like to took one off the face… we cannot let them off the hook here