Arkansas V Kentucky for title. As it should be

Music to the ears for those of us who know what a monster our program used to be and can be again.

So happy for Mike keeping the team going in right direction especially when things didn’t look so good a few weeks ago.

We are good not great but are back in NCAA as we should be.

Congrats Mike and team and lets beat Kentucky just for fun!

“AS IT SHOULD BE”. And, as they say at Mc D’s, “I’m Loving It”.
Even moreso, after we beat Kentucky tomorrow.

GO Hogs!!!

noticed that during both of the semi broadcasts;the announcers kept saying how much better the conference would be next year with the recruits going to Kentucky:Alabama;;Auburn;Vanderbilt;etc…never once was there a mention of the recruits that the Hogs have coming…guess the national media doesn’t believe that we should be able to share the court with those programs…we are still an afterthought for many…ready for the "old days"of always being in the talk.

Arkansas and Kentucky played the final game in SECT. It seems 2014-15 season has been forgotten and erased from memories of many fans,

You are right. Remember well. Would like to see every year as two proud programs.