Arkansas-USC game III thread

Any live stream tonight? Nothing coming up so far. I haven’t checked the radio. I assume it’s got the basketball game on the Buzz. What’s the best way to keep up with live action?

Working for me.

NIce to get the tying run, but we missed a great chance at a big inning there. Need to be ahead as the visiting team this late in game.

Who will be next on the mound?

Thank you USC! greta AB by Opitz and nesbit set it up though! new life!

We have them a gift wrapped run and they returned the favor.

down to the last stinking strike!!

unbelieveable!!!walk off HR…GRRRRR

Frustrating loss. We had several chances to put that game away. I really thought we’d one it when they were down to their last strike. It would have been so nice had Dominic’s HR been the winning run in front of his family & friends. Oh well, at least we won the series on the road. It’s awfully hard to go undefeated in baseball. This loss won’t hurt long.