Arkansas-UGA live updates

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Dan with two turnovers at least in the first five.

Love our D when he’s on the pine.

Not a dog on Big Dan. Something just not there right now.

Big Dan is 4/4 from the free throw line! And that second foul was a little questionable but the first one was just plain in called for in the back court. That’s why he’s sitting.

Well for those wanting to know why Henderson doesn’t play you just got your answer. It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone throw a rainbow airball and it ends up on the other side of the basket. Then he followed that up by losing his man in transition… smh.

I watched it as well! Not better than Adrio or Gabe. Gabe has done okay and so has Adrio.
If we could avoid fouling Georgia we can win this game. They are 11/20 at the free throw line and we are 7/8 and Gabe has our only Miss. The hogs are getting mugged and outworked in the boards.

Lucky to be ahead and Joe has not been a factor yet. Mason Jones came too play tonight.

I’ve literally never seen anybody miss a dunk like that… Please get Adrio out of the game.

Replace him with WHO?
Not very many options.
He should be rebounding and never shoot the ball!

Reggie Chaney? Go 3 guards? He hasn’t been rebounding either guys have just been jumping over him. He’s missed 2 point blank layups and had a missed dunk that neither announcer has ever seen before.

Awww… Sills has been making so many critical mistakes the past few games.

So far in this game,
AR - FT shooting-87%, FG shooting-35%, 3pt shooting-21%. Rebounds 35-18 GA.
Get the FT shooting fixed & rebounding goes back down the tube.

Anyway keep playing hard Hogs, get the win.

What’s the deal scoring 70 points and getting free food for the students?