Arkansas-UCA live blog link

My live updates blog for the Arkansas-UCA game tonight. Follow along if you’d like:

Arkansas passing well, scoring poorly.

2-8 from the line! Ridiculous.

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Not a great shooting team at this point in the year. I’m a bit surprised really.

Brick city.

We’re actually shooting well tonight, 60%, but leaving points at the FT line.

I count free throws as shooting but it was more a general statement for the overall season at this point.

This is really pathetic how many FT’s we are missing.

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We’re down by UCA. Wow. I feel confident we will win but still. Can’t give these guys life.


Is this going to be one of those “a rickety ride is better than a smooth walk” kind of nights?

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Jaxon Robinson, ladies and gents!

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We are playing so much better than UCA, but we keep making silly turnovers and missing FT’s. We should be up by at least 10 right now.


The Hogs are waaay overrated. They dont do a single thing well

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Don’t forget the other team is making 3’s out of their butts, as usual.

And havent all season to date

Well be OK. FT shooting is a fluke

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Please clarify. I don’t see how turnovers and FTs are not part of the game. We are doing those things poorly.

Hogs are way overrated. Going to get their butts kicked in the SEC

Yeah, we suck, lol.