Arkansas Twisters coming back?

Man, I sure hope so.

I’ll be there with a beer or two in hand. … ron-league

The league has its own website, and the Twisters have their own site, too. Coley signed with them.

Season tickets are $55 for 8 games at Verizon Arena, so it will be cheap entertainment, assuming they get off the ground.

I’m getting old I guess, however, I liked Arena football for the first 20 years or so but am tired of the 7 on 7 mentality that even the CFL has. Actually the NFL is not nearly as interesting to me personally as it was 20 years ago when they still played American Football.

Gives you football when there’s no football. I use to love going to Twister games.

I always thought I would like to be back in Arkansas when the Arena two team was there, I assume that was the twisters.

Correct. I remember the first game being a sellout. I think they averaged like 12,000 the first year.