Arkansas turnovers

Posting this as during our game threads I always see a lot of posts complaining about silly turnovers. Obviously that does happen but this puts it in perspective. 10 - 13 turnovers a game is pretty dang good. Especially if you try to play uptempo.


That is a credit to Muss’s system and the primary ball handlers.

But is Muss’s system a true uptempo system? Remember Muss has someone assigned to count number of passes. I don’t think a true uptempo system cares how many passes you make before you get the shot off. I think it is about first quality shot or first available shot.

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Yes, and no. Pomeroy says our adjusted tempo is 69.7 possessions per game, which is 77th in the country; the median tempo in CBB is 67.4. Bama is at 73.2, which is third in the country. St. John’s is #2 at 73.4; Mike almost got his Fastest 40. (Long Beach State has the fastest tempo.)

So we’re in the upper 25% of tempo, but not left lane hammer down like Bama or St. John’s.

I don’t have empirical proof but I look at an over/under of 12 TOs a game. 12 and fewer we should win or at worst lose in a one possession game…in it until the very end. Over 12 and it starts leaning much more to a loss.

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