Arkansas-Tulsa live updates blog

Defense doing well as usual. Still trying to find some consistent offense.

We scored 28 points in the first 10 minutes. That’s pretty good offense in Nolan’s system or anyone else’s.

We have played well. The offense is fine maybe too many quick 3’s. I would like to see Desi make the free throws. Missing 2 !

What’s the deal with isaiah joes bad limp?

50 at halftime, Mason with 20 including the answered prayer at the horn. We’re shooting 53%, TU at 41%. Only getting outrbounded 20-17 which is good for our group of midgets. Whitt has 11, Joe has 9, limping or not.

Doing great defensively and offensively. We need to stay in the passing lanes better, Tulsa has gotten good shots because we’ve over extended a few times. Offense is flexible, which is great.

Officials are actually doing pretty good I think, no matter the crazy amount of fouls called. At least it’s consistent.

Both teams called for 12 fouls, including the double technical.

What a half by Jones. Stat stuffer with 0 TOs

Official attendance 15,581 per Chuck.

Sloppy. Guys reaching too much and taking chances they don’t need to take.

Tulsa is playing pansy ball, but it’s working.

Refs are a bit whistle happy. 32 fouls with 12 min left. 18 on the Hogs. Tulsa’s penetrated better than any team so far. 4 players with 3 fouls.

Has been incredible offensively but by far our worst defensive game would be a 25-point lead if we were playing with the intensity we normally do.

Much better the last few minutes, they must have heard me lol

Hot shooting and D well the whistles are slowing that down.

Incredible game by Jones today the key for him is consistency. Hopefully next time he will come out and get 20 or 25. He has the talent.

This is a lot of fun to watch

Not our best defensive game but offensively, we were on fire.

Good win! I’m wanting to see the Indiana game! I think we have a good shot at winning on the road.

Absolutely. I’m really glad the 19 point win was 98-79 rather than 75-56. We know this team can play great defense. We weren’t sure they could play 40 minutes of great offense. This could do wonders for the players confidence on offense.