Arkansas-Tulsa game thread


Limpert has really been a good FG kicker this year and his KO has vastly improved.

yes Limpert has done well…wasn’t his best kick but it got in

Agree. He’s been a bright spot since his hiccup at CSU.

So, the Tulsa offense has been running and moving the ball fairly easy against us. Is this another excuse for the defense on talent? Are we not as talented as Tulsa. Not impressed so far with the defensive game plan.

Stupid penalty.

I support and respect CCM for sending him to locker room.

“Dalton” needs to get an earful. That was about the worst penalty I’ve ever seen.

Slow start no TD’s yet. Need to pick it up.

Tulsa hangs its hat on running the ball. We’ve kept them off the scoreboard.

I hope something changes in the second half, this is very unimpressive so far. With the nations hottest free agent in the stands.

The attempt to draw them offsides is successful…

And our center doesn’t snap the ball.

I know, it was down the line and he couldnt have seen it.
But it’s just another example of how nothing goes your way when you are bad

Defense looked better on that series! Quick three and out!

going to have to run to win they are dropping 7-8 in passing situations…tough for any Qb much less a FR with a vanilla playbook.


If I didn’t care so much this would be comical

Tulsa coach should send #80 to the locker room too

A touchdown pass!

Good call refs that wasn’t targeting.
Then another illegal procedure unsportsmanlike like afterwards-mouthing the refs

I’m thinking #80 for the Canes may face some consequences this week.

That was dumb. Just like Dalton.

Is this the first pistol we’ve seen this year? Petrino esque. I like it.

When the home crowd does not boo a targeting call reversal on their team…you know everyone could see it was bogus.