Arkansas track wins John McDonnell Program of the Year

I was kind of surprised by this given the Razorbacks didn’t finish higher than fourth at a national meet this year, but it’s a great honor: … gram-year/

I’m glad they have this type of award. But it’s almost a self defense type of deal for a program like Arkansas.

When McDonnell was being almost unbeatable with a team that could win indoors, outdoors, and cross country, other teams stopped trying to compete across the board. Several put all their scholarships into cross country and started to beat us consistently there. Others concentrated on indoors or outdoors and chipped away at us.

It’s interesting to see how the teams are built. Some of our most dominant teams won (unusually for us) with sprinters like Tyson Gay and Wallace Spearmon. I think Virginia outscored us this year with only throwing events. Some teams are geared toward the NCAA while others are better for conference championships.

This award is for well rounded programs.