Arkansas to play in Las Vegas tournament in November

I also read somewhere that Hogs first game will be against Louisville, but cannot find it now.

Lousiville was the first team announced to play in the tournament but I don’t think that necessarily means we’re playing them.

Last year they didn’t announce the pairings until August.

Wrote a brief on this back in early December based on a Jeff Goodman tweet:

I do recall you writing that now. You need to post everything once a week, so I can remember. LOL.

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I vividly remember writing this because as soon as I finished I asked Matt if I could go. :joy:

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This is great. We went to the 2012 Vegas Tournament at the Orleans Arena. Think I’ll go again this year if I can get my daughter to stay with My Mom for a few days.

T-Mobile Arena is a huge upgrade from the Orleans Arena. It looks like it is very close to both New York, New York Casino and just across the street from MGM-Grand Casino.

Fortunately, or usually unfortunately, I still get comped at all MGM-Mirage owned casinos. There are also several other of their casinos within walking distance of the arena.

T-Mobile (hoops capacity 18,000) is the home of the NHL Golden Knights and was built to NHL standards; probably also NBA if they ever get a team. Orleans Arena is a lot smaller (7500 for hoops), was not built to those standards and is used mainly for boxing, concerts and college conference tournaments. T-Mobile is indeed very close to New York New York.

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