Arkansas to open 2019 vs. Portland State … and-state/

I understand that it’s very difficult to find anyone to fill the hole Michigan left in our schedule at this juncture. That said, this is a snoozer game - nothing to get excited about.

Only semi-positive is that as our opener, anticipation over the new team will generate a little excitement on it’s own. Otherwise . . . wake me when it’s over . . .

Not Portland’s fault they are not Michigan

I hope by 2019 Michigan regrets they missed a chance to play the emerging SEC power - Arkansas

Or I hope Arkansas pummels Michigan in a 2017/18 bowl game and they have no opportunity to even the score because they Cxl the 2019 game

No matter what Arkansas has work to do

Our Razorbacks are not feared not respected and only way to fix that is win and Win a lot

Can Arkansas do that?

To be clear, Portland State only replaces Michigan as the season-opening opponent. Arkansas is working to get a Power 5 team on the schedule. Bielema said last month that may be announced some time in December.

Matt, that’s the second year of the canceled Michigan series. Is there any word on what they’re doing for 2018, the year we were supposed to be in the Big House?

Nothing that I have heard. My guess is Arkansas will schedule a home-and-home in 2018-19 or 2019-20, and schedule a neutral-site game the year that is left out.

Just kinda guessing, since we were scheduled to go to Ann Arbor in '18, we might be looking for a road game (or neutral) that year. Then in '21, Texas is supposed to come to RRS if they don’t weasel again. Would we go road or neutral in '20? Dunno.

I kind of wonder if Portland State had a game preliminarily scheduled with another Power Five team in the 2018-20 time frame which is being dropped to create a hole for Arkansas to play that Power Five team in a home and home. By picking them up as the rent-a-win, we might have made it a lot easier to get the deal done.

Next year Portland State opens with BYU. This year they played Washington, and they’ve played at least one Pac 12 team every year of late. The Arkansas game is way out of their usual paycheck game, though they did play TCU in 2011.

Good question., which is a good source for future schedules, does not do future schedules for FCS teams like Portland. I know that Portland State also plays at Oregon State next year, so that’s their Pac-12 paycheck game. It looks like their 2018 Pac-12 game is Oregon; 2020 is at Arizona. Haven’t found one for 2019 yet; maybe they’re playing us instead.
BYU was able to add Portland State as an opener in August because they have a game scheduled at Hawaii that year, which triggers an NCAA rule exemption. The same exemption allowed Cal to play Hawaii in Australia this year a week before everyone else started the season (Hawaii was officially the home team).