Arkansas to host official visitor for Liberty game

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Either the competition is poor, or this guy is a beast!

Newton is Class 7A. The highest in Ga.

Agree he’s a beast. Come on, Justin; all you can eat at the Catfish Hole!! You’ll love it–for three full years!!

Explosive, very strong and quick. He would be a keeper

Not saying he is not a beast, just saying its always hard to tell from just a highlight clip.

No one is going to put together a clip that shows them not playing well. They will go through an entire season of games and cherry pick 2-3 minutes of the very best plays they have made.

Just saying highlight clips are nice and cool, but can also can be fools gold for fans.

He is wreaking havoc in these clips. If the offer list in the official offer article is accurate, we need to keep him in Fayetteville.

very nice swim move,moves well,would love to have him

Is he really 6-2? If so could he play End in a 4 man front or put on enough weight to play inside in the SEC? He’s got a motor that’s for sure ?

Richard anything on the JUCO DLs? Or the recently offers Georgia DB?

I’m sure visited his school during the bye week and eyed him.

Nothing set yet on the latter. The Ga DB is blowing up so a lot of comp. Having LeRoy Hood as his coach is a positive for Arkansas.

Kid could be DD Jones. Commits in the summer to Michigan and listed as a 6-2 x 265 DL. Gets to UA for a visit in December (I think) and is closer to 6-5 x 290. Find a kid still growing and you can put a star in your pocket because the player is still developing and will “finish” later than those recruits with tons of stars but also had a full beard by 16.

Justin won’t leave until Monday morning,. Hearing things have gone very well thus far.

He’s made a strong connection with Pittman in the short period of time.

Forgot to add, he’s planning to to take an OV to Texas in two weeks. Decision shortly after that.

Coach needs to recruit like he never has in his life… we need to hit on every recruit in this class.

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