Arkansas-Texas live updates

Hope they replay that last call. Looked to me like the same as they called against us.

total BS on some of these charges

We’ve seen a lot of flops this year…

we need to be taking advantage of Texas horrible shooting.

Texass FT - 25

Arkansas FT - 10

Texas has made TWO SHOTS THIS HALF!!!
And we only lead by ONE

How is that even possible?

I know the fouls are even but it’s frustrating watching the refs let Texas get away with hand checking but not Arkansas.

FT’s are going to be crucial to finish this game.

Our defense is playing really well. I’m surprised.

Texas has shot 15 more FT’s than us.

Texass has 3 players with 4 fouls.

yeah we should be up by 10,hard for us to get a good shot,not penetrating much.they play hard though.

Love the hard nosed intensity of our guys.

I agree youdaman - they play hard


great pentration and slam!!

whew got work to do against the press…surprising since we press.

#$^^%^ been throwing up bricks all night!!!

It shouldn’t have gotten to this point. The officials have bailed Texas out way too much.

I read where we had 23% chance of winning.

These kids have shown me a lot.

Whatever happens.

There is history with refs Texas vs. Arkansas…

Wow…no call on mauling of DG?

FT’s are killing us… :x :x