Arkansas-Texas live updates

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Texas has caught fire but we aren’t playing bad. We are making rookie mistakes but for the most part we’re doing ok.

All Texas seems to be able to do is chunk 3’s, so we need to guard the perimeter better and force them to try and beat us inside.

Glad Mike had a word with the refs…

Mauled a couple of our guys - no call…

The refs need to get the game under control here. Texas is getting away with too much hand checking.

I also want to know where these phantom 3 points for Texas came from

Making too many small mistakes and need to defend the perimeter better. All Texas is doing is jacking 3’s.

I still don’t know where those 3 points came from. By the stats, they haven’t scored 29 points. They’ve made five 3’s and 1 FT. That would make the score even, so it shouldn’t be 29. Where did these points come from?

Kick ball

All I can say is wow. The talent is there, we just got to gel better than we are.

Anderson wisely switched to a zone to stop Texas’ 3’s.

We have got to stop turning the ball over and missing FT’s. We left 4 points off the boards because of poor FT shooting.

I hope our boys come out the second half like they have during the exhibition games.

Go Hogs!!!

Good first half. We’re in it.

Mike’s talk paid off. Refs calling it equally IMO.

Okay I know he missed, but wow Desi Sills got up on that missed baseline dunk.

Only 3 bench points for us 1st half

Texas 14

Desi attacked the rim a lot in high school.

Sure he’s going to continue to do that in college

Enough with the Seth Greenberg stuff.

Gafford with 3 fouls. We need our other guys to step up big time.

Annoying. I was over it after the first bit.

Keep hanging around.

We’re playing decent defense, but we need to figure out what we’re doing offensively faster than we are.

Offense is struggling right now. Jones and Joe gotta get going somehow

We’re missing Daniel right now. But the guys are playing hard and hanging in there.

Obvious foul and no call

I’m not a Gabe O fan period we can do better