Arkansas-Texas A&M game thread

Expect some razzle dazzle today.

Started off good

Good TO considering he missed.

Very good

Better than last year as my butt barely hit the seat and we were down 7 to zip

Wow, just wow

Just our luck

He heard the whistle and let it. Or at least that’s what it appeared.

Wow, a sack

Good stand by the defense, but dodged a bullet.

Big hold on QB scramble…sigh…

SMH, how you let him get that open

they will go deep to 13 …often

Saw that too

Should have looked

We’re actually moving the ball well, but little mistakes are stalling drives.

Liked seeing Starkel go through his progressions.

I noticed this, too. It’s a night and day difference from last game.

Give the kid credit; he clearly worked on this in practice.

Yeah, hope we can get in a little rhythm

HOLD!!! My goodness

He keeps lining up offsides.