Arkansas- Texas A&M game thread

here. 14-0 Aggies.

Gotta get something going on offense. We can’t afford to have another 3 and out and have our defense gassed by halftime.

I did expect a win, but I am afraid we are in fact a 2 game win team this year. A puzzle to me as no coaching could be this bad and no players could be this bad, what is the answer to our puzzle?


Now please Offense do something

I don’t pretend to know the answer, but perhaps its just bad talent at a few positions that are so exploitable that the performance is worse than the talent at other positions would suggest.

Good Job Greenlaw

This is why Hammonds doesn’t play much. I truly don’t understand why so many fans want to see more of him.

You can’t win with an OL this bad

That wasn’t on Hammonds, Froholdt got his tail handed to him by Mack and Mack damn near could’ve took the hand off from Storey he was there so fast.

100% froholdt

Fair enough

Why don’t we just play two hand touch because apparently A&M is brittle as wet toilet paper.

How is that not pass interference

Get a first down today

Stop making a bunch of different threads.

Or have positive yardage - might be like the Texas Bowl when the Horns has negative yards rushing.

I don’t care if we sign the second coming of Tom Brady and the best WR class since the beginning of football - if we don’t recruit some OL it will be for naught. This bunch has to be the least talented group of OL I’ve ever seen.

We’re lucky to be down only 2 touchdowns. O line and special teams are playing horribly. Our defense is doing ok, but they can’t sustain a solid defense if their back on the field every 2 minutes.

The kickoff cover team is the only non-special team today so far.

Why. Don’t read them

I agree General, but 1st Quarter stats are as follows:

1st downs - 0
Total yards -3
Passing yards +5
Rushing Yards -8

Defense is trying to compete, but we have to face it we have no offense at this time.
If fans has unrealistic expectations then that’s on them, truth is If Coach Morris can turn this program around it was never going to be in year one with our current roster and lack of enough SEC caliber talent.

Go Hogs!

Good play call