Arkansas-Texas A&M game joins the 4 million club

Many of you might remember Andy Staples’ column from earlier this year about games that average 4 million or more viewers. Arkansas-Texas A&M averaged nearly 4.1 million.


Everywhere I go here in Chattanooga I get stopped by strangers to talk about the Hogs. And texts from dozens of friends when watching the game. Last night at Bible study a TN fan asked how to “call the Hogs”. We’re the team everyone is talking about. Love it!


My wife and I were in the drive-thru line at a fast food restaurant in McKinney, TX, about an hour after last Saturday’s game. We were sitting still waiting for our turn to order when I heard someone yelling “Sir… sir… sir”. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw that the driver behind me (had TX plates) was trying to get my attention. I opened my door and half-stepped out of my car expecting him to say something like “You’ve got a tire that’s about to go flat” or something like that. Instead, he pointed to the Razorback decal on my back window and said “Thanks for whipping the Aggies today. I love it when they lose.” all the while beating on his steering wheel. I think he may have been more excited than me.


I wear the same t shirts to LA Fitness, gray or red cotton with various Razorback logos, basically all the time for the past 3 years. no one says anything about them, just old t shirts.

Until monday. several “i like your shirt” comments, and a couple “where’d you get that shirt?”. I got them at Sam’s, and it was very interesting, the sudden interest in my old hog t shirt



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