Arkansas Texas A&M game 3

We went three up three down… hopefully Wiggins is sharp today we don’t need to have him get off to a slow start.

Starts with a lead off walk. 12th walk this series.

Here we go with them lead off walks already

Phil mentioned that out of the 12 walks, the starters have 9 of them.
13 walks now. Wiggins with back to back walks v

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We got the same stinking umpire and already starting off today that was strike three

Yeah there’s a double in the corner we’re down 2-0… you got to feel this is going to be a really bad day

Awful start.

Well, it’s certainly not how you wanted to start. Those walks come back to haunt you.

The way we’re hitting the ball it won’t take but about one more run this game will be over with if it takes that many

Wiggins is pitiful. There’s the 2 walks scoring and that’s his fault. Just pitiful.

One of those works wasn’t his fault because that was strike three called that’s on the stinking umpire

Wiggins hasn’t even made it thru the first inning and Ramage is already warming up. Just don’t know what to think of our starting pitching.

Wiggins is struggling

I just about can’t stand watching Wiggins pitch
Every start he has is like continual nails on a chalkboard

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Get him out of there Dave he ain’t it… Wiggins is a long ways away from being a reliable picture

He will get there but once he gets rattled he throws everywhere

A box of chocolates

To be fair he looked lost against LSU last week and then dialed it in

You definitely have to feel that both teams are going to score a lot of runs today. I came in thinking a 12-10 type of score. Even went online to try to bet the over but our game was the only one that didn’t list a total.

A long way to go. Hate to be down by a bunch after one inning, but it’s looking that way

Good job Turner