Arkansas-Tennessee Game 2

We’ll use this for updates tonight. Once again, I do not expect Jared Wegner to be in the lineup for this game. I’ll have the starting lineups soon.

It has been a stormy afternoon in Northwest Arkansas — not much rain here, but a lot of wind and lightning. It is getting cool in a hurry. The winds have shifted and are blowing from the north. The low tonight is 40.

Ball will be flying tonight then…

Arkansas’ lineup:

CF Tavian Josenberger
2B Peyton Stovall
LF Jace Bohrofen
RF Kendall Diggs
1B Brady Slavens
3B Caleb Cali
DH Ben McLaughlin
C Parker Rowland
SS John Bolton

RHP Will McEntire

Most of their better hitters are LH so Will’s got to have that breaking ball on the outside corner.

I have a feeling Stovall is going to have a breakout game tonight… nothing more than a hunch

Had a pretty good hailstorm at my house in Rogers
And the colder air came in right behind it

It’s 57 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Tennessee lineups not yet posted.

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They just posted.

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When I post something like that, it’s almost certain that their lineup will be immediately posted.

At my Dad’s house just 6 miles west of Alma he got heavy hail! The size ranged from quarter or golf ball sized.

We had hail also!!
In Van Buren

No Maui Ahuna tonight for Tennessee.

I was just across the river in Barling and we barely even got rain… I was so happy. I just had my roof replaced a few months ago after last years hail that pounded us pretty good. Don’t need to go through that mess again for a few years yet I think. Got my fingers crossed.

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Mine was replaced about then, mercy.

Well it almost time for some baseball and those famous words “Play Ball”

Well if you’re going to put the ball there will there’s going to be a bunch of home runs tonight…smh

Yes for sure. Maybe MCEntire can get into a grove.

Everything he has thrown has been waist high or higher that’s a recipe for disaster