Arkansas team batting average

Arkansas entered the UK series hitting .308. The Hogs hit .418 for the weekend and that has raised the team BA to .327. I don’t guess I’ve ever seen that, a jump of 19 points in the first SEC weekend. It may have never happened. I don’t guess I’ve ever seen a team get 38 hits in the final two games of an SEC series, especially when the team giving up the hits is ranked No. 4. That’s probably never happened.

Clay, I’m not sure but believe this baseball post is on the basketball site.

I’m all for forgetting the basketball season and celebrating a great baseball team start if that’s what we are doing. Ha.

Sounds more like our shooting % on Friday…

Are we that good? Are they that bad? Is it closer to the middle of the two?

We looked nothing like the team struggling in the California trip.

I guess we will have a better idea after next weekend. If we treat Florida like this…watch out.

2nd in the nation in HR with 39! Tenn Tech had 40 coming into the weekend

Tennessee Tech still has 40 dingers as of 3:25; their third weekend game is still in progress but no long balls through seven innings.

TennTech, like Kentucky, benefits from a smallish home field. Their ballpark is 365 to left center and 360 to right center. What we don’t know is the wind factor there. (They’re on the road this weekend.)


My favorite baseball saying:

Chicks dig the long ball! … 1618147126