Arkansas team at the TBT

That looks like a nice line-up, especially with guards and wings. Weems look to be the best of the bunch if he’s still in basketball shape. A terrific shooter with Dusty. I like Barford and Whitt also. What they need is to add Joe.

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First game against Fort Worth, July 16 on ESPN3

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Is Weems playing tho?

I read that Weems was the assistant coach

In the pic above it says “GM” below his picture. I figured that meant he was responsible for organizing the events, signing the forms, getting the players on board, etc. But he would still be playing. I could be wrong because I have no inside info.

No inside info here either Harley…just something I saw on twitter a few weeks ago.

He could be a player/gm/coach…wonder how old Sonny is now?

Sonny’s 34. He was playing (and still starring) in the Chinese Basketball Assoc (CBA) through 2019. I’m sure they probably didn’t play in 2020 due to Covid. I don’t know his status right now.

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I believe Sonny is a GM/Coach/player based on my reading.

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