Arkansas TE commit Jeremy Patton quotes...

from a story on the Arizona Western website

On his plan to still take official visits to two other schools (USC, Florida mentioned as possibilities): “I still have to talk to (Arkansas) coach (Brett Bielema) to make sure we’re on the same page, because I’m not doing it to look to actually go to another school; I’m pretty firm in my commitment. (It’s) just to get my family out here and get them out of the state of Indiana.”

• On committing to Arkansas during mid-June visit to school: “I fell in love with the place when I got there, so I had to shoot the gun. I was tired of the whole (recruiting) process.”

I would be very happy with his quote on his possible future visits if one word would have been omitted. That’s the word “pretty”.

Exactly. Seems to leave room to go somewhere else

Having talked with him and his mom a lot now, I tend to believe he is all Razorback.

But I can see those who tend to look at the glass half empty rather than half full would look at one word and think that is a negative

Dudley, thanks for the insight. Would be great to have him, and different outlook on why he is taking his visits.

You mean like the word BUT that you assured me didn’t mean anything? Where did that kid go again?