Arkansas target decommits from Big 12 school

He plans to OV for the Tulsa game.

What position does he project to?

He is ranked as the #2 Juco ILB.

Very fast LB.

I love those first two words, “very fast”. Got to, just got to have that. It is what sets Bama apart, and we have been slow so long.

Go back and check out our great teams. Fast and quick. They all had that. You either have speed or you are chasing it (saw plenty of that last Sat. and for the last several years). Who said that? Oh yes, I remember and I was sold when I first heard it. I thought, Finally!!!

Going after a couple of JUCO LBs might mean we are expecting some departures from that position group.

I don’t think so. For one thing, some of our LBs might be upgraded to pass rushing DEs a la Ramsey. Secondly, if you get a chance to upgrade the talent (say, a really fast Juco LB) you take it.

Longhorns feel confident he will commit to them