Arkansas' Sunday night line up against Baylor is out

Casey Martin is on the bench, Robert Moore is at short, Jacob Nesbit moves to second, Cole Austin goes to 3rd and Heston Kjerstad is at first.

Greogry leads off, Moore elevated to the two hole

RF Zack Gregory
SS Robert Moore
1B Heston Kjerstad
DH Matt Goodheart
CF Christian Franklin
C Casey Opitz
LF Braydon Webb
2B Jacob Nesbit
3B Cole Austin

P Kole Ramage

I like it

Looks good to me offensively but have to admit I’m a little nervous with Kjerstad at first base.

He played well there in the scrimmages that i saw.

I wonder how Martin is taking getting benched?

Casey’s hitting buck-82 and has the most errors on the team. Not a good combination. Or a good way to get a seat on the bench for a game or two.

Yeah remember DVH saying that, so hopefully that will hold true tonight.

DVH said it best sometimes you got to do what you got to do, he has been playing bad for a lot longer than 9 games this year.if we are better off without him so be it!

As much as I wish Casey was having a monster year, he just hasn’t been. DVH has been pretty patient.

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New start time posted in game thread. :wink:

I would have benched him last year! Sometimes watching will slow the game down for you! No player is bigger than the team! It’s best to bench Martin!

Missouri downs Texas 9-8.

The Big 12 leads the event 5-3 over the SEC.

Baylor 2-0
Missouri 2-1
Oklahoma 2-1
Texas 1-2
LSU 1-2
Arkansas 0-2

Coach should have moved Casey to Second earlier in the season. This would enable Casey to work on his hitting, rather both hitting and fielding…just too much going on in his head. Benching is not the answer, in my opinion.

I wish it was something that was easy, but I don’t think it is.

Moore, who told me his natural position was second, has just five less chances at second than Martin has had at short.

You could have made a lot of money in Vegas betting those odds of that happening

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