Arkansas Still Recruiting for 2017 (story)... … 17-season/

Coach says some kids fell by the wayside thus implying that they left the program. Who has left?

Khalia Hackett
Tevin Beanum
Damon Mitchell
Ricky Town

are the ones we know of, but there are likely some more.

Wouldn’t CBB need more space (i.e., more attrition) to sign 3 more? And what, if anything, would you make of Kofi Boateng’s tweet today: “Got to do what’s best for you always”? Have you heard anything about him possibly transferring? I’m certainly not saying he is. That could be his philosophical tweet for the day as far as I know. Just a question.

It’s a quote from his signing day on the hill deal

Variation of what he said the day before

He noted that he could only sign one now, but more later.

That likely has to do with summer graduates, transfers and blue shirts and I’m sure it has to do with the 85 cap

Kofi is excited about playing next season.

He got hurt in the preseason and couldn’t have played this year anyway

Thanks, Dudley. Glad to hear.