Arkansas still a 7 Seed according to Lunardi … cid=espnTW

After reading from the experts on here last night, I went to the NIT bracketologist site to see where we were because I was told that was our best looking outcome. Didn’t see us on any of those sites, so went to ESPN bracketology and to my surprise Lunardi still had us firmly in the field. I guess he didn’t realize a 23 RPI, 15 SOS, top 3 neutral site win is suppose to be on the NIT bubble, he needs to read razorback message boards more often and listen to our experts so that he knows the proper place to put us, he’s clearly uniformed of the requirements to make the NCAA tournament. /sarcasm off

I don’t think anyone would argue tht if the season ended now, we are solidly in.
But the season doesn’t end now.
It is evident that we did not look like a Tournament team last night.
And if they continue to play the way they have the last three games they might not even make the NIT.

will just have to let it play out and see.

Exactly my point. The season is more than a bad slump. It’s not the end of the world as some are making it out to be. We’ve seen this before. Both 14-15 and 16-17 tournament teams had a bad stretch and they all bounced back.

Most of us allow for the fact that they very well could turn it around.
His teams typically do improve as the season progresss.

That said, that’s about as poor a home performance as I can remember.
Especially considering this is a senior led squad.
If we continue to crank out that kind of effort, you won’t find us in any of your bracket searches.

What is disheartening is that we are not losing by just a few points (except for Miss State) but that the last two games have shown little effort, especially on defense. The energy level is not there and the players don’t seem to be playing as a team. That, to me, is something that is not easily fixed especially since we don’t seem to have team leaders like last year with Hannahs and Manny.

Did you think the same thing last year when we lost 3 of 4? We got absolutely embarrassed against Ok State. We lost to a historically bad Mizzou team that had very little talent. And we got blew out at home against a Vandy team that was 11-12 at the time. They seemed to turn it around then. And those losses were MUCH MUCH worse than losing to 3 top 55 RPI teams as we’ve done this year.

I wish I was as optimistic. As I said way back, I don’t see this group winning more than 7 SEC games. This is just not that talented of a group. Sure Macon, Barford, and Gafford are SEC quality, but unless a couple of the younsters emerges no way we make the tournament. Realisticly other than the above mentioned three, every team in the league, except maybe Vanderbilt and South Carolina has better more accomplished players.

LOL 7 SEC wins. You do realize CMA won more games than that with Moses, Dusty, and Jabril with only 9 scholarship players. So far this year, and it’s only January, we’ve already beat a top 10 Oklahoma team with the best player in the country on it, we beat a Minnesota team that was #14 in the country at the time, and just beat a top 20 Tennessee team just 2 weeks ago.

We have a bad week, and now we’re only capable of winning 6 more games and nobody on the team is of SEC caliber except our 3 best players? You have to be trolling, nobody that actually watches college basketball will predict Arkansas only winning 6 more games this season. It’s ok to be disappointed about a bad week of basketball, but some of you guys are acting like a teenage girl that didn’t get asked to the prom as quick as she wanted and convinced herself that everyone hates her. How about just step away from the ledge and let the season play out. When you guys make posts like this, you are just asking to come back and eat crow. And apparently a lot of people on this board love crow.

This is the (main, not only) reason I haven’t posted a word about basketball since the MSU game (until this post). I posted comments last year after that slump and regretted it. Time will tell.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Last night’s game was u-g-l-y and there’s not much alibi for it. Nobody likes being 0-3 in the last three outings. But CMA has turned it around before, and I would expect he will do so again this year.

Greg, I give you props man, you actually come back and own up to stuff. None of us are perfect, and I can respect someone that is man enough to own up to their stuff. I know I’ve been wrong many times before, but I’ll always come back and own up to it and if I argued a wrong point to someone I’ll let them know they right. I remember arguing with Niels for like 2 years about how much a liability Manny Watkins was on offense. I gladly came back and ate crow and let Niels know he was right when Manny started drilling those threes.

The people that bother me is those that only show up after losses to complain and say I told you so, then when we are winning you never hear or see them. I’m on here everyday and I have no idea who poochpunt is. Yet, he’s on here saying “I told you we’d only win 7 games in SEC.” I looked at his history he’s probably posted a total of 5 times in the basketball message board this season before the loss yesterday. He just wants to pop up and say I told you so. When his 7 game prediction fails we won’t see him again until next year around prediction time where he’ll be wrong again.

Thought I’d pop up again. I don’t have access to this site when I’m at my cabin so sometimes my responses come on an irregular basis. I do admire your optimism and what I post is only what I truly believe, not a gut reaction. I see a much improved SEC this year, and us without three of the players that contributed so much to the cohesivenesss of this team. I have looked this road schedule over and it’s really hard for me to come up with more than two wins (once again I hope we catch fire and win more) Texas A&M has lost a lot of heartbreakers and we have to play them twice. LSU just annilated us and we have them aagain. Auburn thrashed us and we still have one more with them. It’s not the way I like it, but I’m just trying a realistic approach that I’ve grown accustom to from watching them since 1959.

So, you only come up from your Cabin after losing streaks :lol: :lol:

And FYI, you do know most cell carriers now cover 99% of America. My in laws live out in the boondocks far away from everything, and I even get reception there and access to the internet from it. You’re not fooling anybody with that Cabin story, nice try though.

And another FYI, you do know we can read your post history right? During one of your breaks back from your cabin back in November, you made a post saying you were glad you were wrong about your prediction and this is Mike Anderson’s best group. So, which is it? Is it a 7-win no tournament team or is it his best group here at Arkansas? Keep in mind you just said you don’t post gut reactions, so I’m trying to figure out which post was yours, because obviously you were hacked on one them while you were at your cabin.

It may be we looked better early in the season because we have so many seniors. Other, teams are younger, so as the season progresses, they improve more.

“What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly - that is the first law of nature.” Voltaire. Let’s remember that we all are entitled to our opinion and while I hope it turns around, past performance does not guarantee future results. Learned that buying stock :smiley:

Just an FYI Blu, not defending this guy about the team, but for cell service. My parents live out in the boondocks, there in NO SERVICE where they live. I live just outside FLW, Missery. There is a town about an hour away called Lake of the Ozarks (tourist attraction). I also live an hour away from Columbia. However, the short route to both of those towns have zero service. If you break down, you have to walk to the nearest house and ask to use the phone. I don’t believe the 99%, because I don’t believe that 1% is just in AR and MO

As for the 7 seed, I think we are gonna drop. I guess we will end up in the tourney, but I think we will be one of the 11 seed play in games. I don’t think we are as good as the nonconference suggested. Remember Pel went undefeated in nonconference, then 2-14 in the much weaker SEC.

I don’t think we are gonna be 12-6 (which I think is what the SEC Champs will be), I’m guessing 9/10 wins. I also think we beat Okie Lite. So, just so everyone knows OOC 11-2, SEC 10-8/9-9. Overall 21-10/20-11 going into the SECT

Edit: and I believe I predicted a much better finish

What carrier are you guys using. I’ve got AT&T and I haven’t stayed in a location yet that didn’t get service. On the drive to my in-laws there’s a dead section you drive through for about a minute, but there’s no houses anywhere around.

Here’s their map. According to that, there’s very few places in Arkansas they don’t service. … ction=data

Not to argue, Blu, because I’m behind this team. However, I do have AT&T and live in southwest Arkansas. Places like Bradley and Taylor are not well-covered. Take Highway 53 south and go through all sorts of places where there’s no coverage. Not sure I believe 99%, either, and I love the service I have in most instances.

I’m not going to count us out yet. CMA teams are spurty, they look horrible one minute then pull upsets and win big games the next, as we seen last year. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we did something like win 5 of our next 7 conference games. Which would put us at 7-5. Then if you finish the remaining 6 games (3 home, 3 road) winning all the home games and winning 1 road game you get a very respectable 11-7 record.

I could see something like this…

@Florida - L
Ole Miss - W
@Georgia - W
@TAM - W
@LSU - L
South Carolina - W
Vandy - W
@Ole Miss - L
Kentucky - W
@Alabama - L
Auburn - W
@Mizzou - W

Of course knowing us, we’d probably do something weird like winning at Florida then going to TAM and getting blown out.