Arkansas State game canceled

The game has been called off due to weather.

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Good. Saves us a drop in our RPI. Even a lopsided win against a team that’s won only 3 or 4 games isn’t something we need. It also saves the pink puppies from humiliation. Only downside is we don’t get some PT for players who don’t get enough.


I’m m also proud the hogs won’t have to play AS Who. It doesn’t do any good for RPI but it does provide the chance to get some young arms on the mound.

Likely best for us overall.

I was wanting to get some of the other guys some playing time. Wining would not do anything, but I think some of these guys need to play. Still, if you go into a game to get the bottom end of the roster playing time, strange things can happen. That would be bad in so many ways.

Gives Dave the time to work with the guys on some of the obvious areas that need work. Thatis always good.

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With this being a Thursday- Saturday series with Ole Miss, I’m very fine with the extra day of rest.

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That’s a great point, and DVH- like Muss- will use the additional time to fine tune things a bit.

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At the Swatters club meeting, DVH mentioned that there was the potential for bad weather on the pink puppy’s drive back to J’boro.

Today’s weather is setting up similar to last Friday when the tornadoes hit Little Rock and Wynne. The storms are supposed to fire up late tonight, which would put Arkansas State’s team back on the road to Jonesboro during the peak timing.

There is also the chance for storms late this afternoon/early evening. The chances of there being a window to play were not great.

Couldn’t agree more with all the sound reasoning, but it would sure be fun to beat them by 15 in the 7th.

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