Arkansas St at Arkansas game 1

It’s 66 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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6:30 first pitch?

Well Marty the weather is getting better!
Where is the lineup.

yes 6:30

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Texas A& M has jumped on 23rd rank Dallas Baptist for 6 in the first with three bombs they are swinging the bats well.

Well, so was LSU and look at what we did with them! However, that doesn’t mean a dang thing when we go play Ta&m this weekend. We still gotta play up to our potential if we expect to win the series with the Aggies. You are right, the Aggies are playing very good baseball right now. They do have some hitters!
But so do we!!

Atta boy Robert!!!
Take that ball yard!!

Boom! Bob Moore

I think Big hit Bob got all of that one!
As for The Aggies jumping on Dallas Baptist I hope they get all of that out of their system now

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Looks like bad Ramage

yep you can flip a coin on him.he hasn’t fooled a soul

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Isn’t it something….we can shutout a team like LSU and we can’t keep AState off the board. Baseball is like that I guess.
Sometimes I really think we play down to the competition. I’ve played enough ball to know that when you don’t take your opponent seriously, it can come back on you if you’re attitude and focus isn’t where it should be. Always respect your opponent!

Well Ramage is not as good as any of our 3 starters so I can see why they are making good contact

Yeah, good point. Ramage is who he is.
I think Phil just said that Ramage has started out 2/0 on every batter?

The run wasn’t Ramage’s fault
It was unearned after Battles’ error

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Oh okay I didn’t see the error I had to go to the bathroom

Bases loaded no out and get one run. We let a lot of teams hang around that have no business doing so.

Well, Turner could have advanced on the first flyout (where the OFs collided). Just watched, like the fans.

Ramage has had three consecutive three-inning outings without allowing an earned run. He has allowed two hits and one walk in his last nine innings.

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Bats are cold, swinging at trash.