Arkansas Specialists Camp Tidbits (1:30 p.m.)...

Arkansas is hosting its annual Specialists camp today with some 60 or so kicker and punters involved.

Registration going on now and camp runs from 10-4.

11:10 a.m.

The kickers/punters/deep snappers have now taken the field. Working on the UA’s practice fields because of the stadium renovations

Jamie Kohl, one of the nation’s top kicking gurus, has headed up the camp for the Razorbacks for the last few years, but Arkansas special teams quality coach Tanner Burns - son of former Arkansas defensive coach Keith “Code Red” Burns is in charge this year.

All of the kicking, punting and deep snapping prospects that Coach B has offered scholarships to or invited to be preferred walk ons have come through this camp.

Three of the top prospects on hand are 2019 kickers

• Alex Felkins, 6-4, Tulsa, Okla., Holland Hall
• Caden Davis , 6-1, Coppell, Texas
• Ryan Hanson, 6-2, Taylor, Texas.

Chris Sailer Kicking has Felkins ranked second and Davis seventh. Kohl has Davis second and Felkins sixth.

There are three top-rated punters in the 2018 class slated to be here:

• Nick Mihalic, 6-0, Skokie, Ill. (4th)
• Reid Bauer, 5-11, Magnolia, Texas (7th)
• William Broadus, 6-3, League City, Texas (9th)

11:30 am

Just so we are clear, I don’t think there will be any kicker or punter scholarships in 2018 because of the limited numbers

But you would most likely have one or two in the 2019 class


Dardanelle’s 2018 kicker Timo Martinez is back - he was the kickoff champion last season


Caden Davis hit a 56 yard FG, missed from 58 and 60

Felkins bowed out at 54


The campers are back from lunch break.

At Arkansas camp