Arkansas-South Carolina Game 3

The game is underway. Dave Van Horn said Zebulon Vermillion and likely Caden Monke won’t pitch tonight, but all other hands are on deck.

3 warning track fly balls, so they are seeing him well

Arkansas went down in order in the first, but all three put good contact on the ball. All were fly outs either at the warning track or just in front of it.

Hopefully we can get one or more of them over the fence!
Their pitcher, Sanders, looks all wired up there in the dugout!

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Wick blew them away right there!

Yes he did! Looks confident!

Everything we hit is right to them, you would think some would be in the hole and get through but not so far

These announcers are worst than the first game. Have to be employed by USC.


That’s why I listen to Phil

Is the game still playing? I click on the ark game and it keeps showing aub/ole piss softball.

The game is being streamed. SECN is airing the softball game.

The game is on SEC Network-Plus.

Oh I knw, when I click on our game streaming on espn+ it brings up the softball game, weird.

That is weird!

Yes!great job!lets put up. Big #

Now we’re cooking with peanut oil!

This guy predicted we get only 2…hope for 4-5

Cmon Goodheart yard time!

Woohoo, finally got the game back. Shut my phone off then back on.