Arkansas-South Carolina Game 1

Tavian Josenberger is back in center field and hitting leadoff tonight. Jace Bohrofen will move to left field.

Jared Wegner is available, but not in the starting lineup. I do not expect Peyton Stovall to play this weekend.

South Carolina’s injured middle infielders are here, but not starting in the field. Braylen Wimmer is the DH.


Good to hear… just hope he doesn’t do anything to reaggravate it.

I hope Josey gets going at the plate. Big game tonight.

Fingers crossed that he can get loose, since he’s not playing RF or DH. wps

Wallets have jumped out 6-0 on Vandy in the 4th, which very much affects the top of the league standings if UF holds on.

Make that 8-0. Wallets just hit a two-run jack. Still in the 4th. Vandy is looking at getting run ruled at this rate.

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Let’s go Hagen we need you to be extra sharp tonight… mix your pitches well …throw strikes!!

I must admit that I am greatly relieved. I came home with an awful cold and started coughing (again) late this afternoon. So I’m staying home to watch (hopefully I can go tomorrow). Then I remembered that just before I left the ESPN app would NOT work for me.

Thankfully it is working now. WHEW.

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Stinking four pitch walk. A couple of those were pretty close… looks like a pretty tight zone which could be a nightmare for Hagen.

Double plays the pitchers best friend!

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Whatever Rowland said must have worked.

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Saved by the the DP. That might get Hagen going the K right afterwards. Get some runs hogs

I think he said throw me a ground ball to second base and we’ll turn two for you LOL

Josey looks like he ain’t played in a while

Yes he does. He needs some reps.

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Umpire’s got a tight Strike zone.

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I hope Hagen comes out better in the second. We may be playing for the SC bullpen

He called 3 pitches while we were batting that I hope he continues to call. The strike on Oborphen
To the outside and the inside strike on Diggs.
Hagen just needs to fill up the zone.
I think Cali will hit this guy SC has on the mound. Just need to get him in the stretch.

The hogs need to get the lead early and make them go to the bullpen!

Smith isn’t going deep in this game. Pitch count already high