Arkansas softball headed to Stillwater Regional … -regional/

which is where I feared our season would end yet again.

Bob’s story didn’t mention who we might meet in the supers, which is important because that’s where OU beat us last year. I had to find the bracket to get that answer. The other host in our part of the bracket is Florida; South Carolina is also in the Gators’ regional (when the SEC gets so many teams in the field, almost can’t avoid a regional pairing, and they clearly make pairings by geography in large part). … dule-teams

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as long as the next trip to Mobilehoma is to play OU then we should be good and have some fun. Congrats

Unless I’m misunderstanding the bracket pairings, wouldn’t our Regional (#13 Seed) be matched up with #4 Seed Florida State? Or does softball use regional pairings vs. seed pairings?

The Oklahoma State bracket is paired with the Florida State bracket. Florida State is the No. 4 national seed.

Which I wrote in the story I posted last night that’s at the top of this thread.

I don’t know how well Arkansas will do, but I feel pretty confident saying that this is the program’s best chance to ever make the Women’s College World Series because it is not matched with Oklahoma in the regional or super regional round. This is Arkansas’ ninth trip to the NCAA Tournament. In seven of the previous eight trips, the Razorbacks were eliminated by the Sooners.

… hence my original post in this thread…

Could have sworn that the tiny print on the bracket on my laptop said Florida, but I now see the “St.” afterward. I know my eyes and the rest of me are getting old, but this is ridiculous. And the formatting on the NCAA website is pretty ridiculous too. Anyway, I read Bob’s story but not yours, Scottie. My bad. FSU is no slouch either (only the defending national champs).