Arkansas softball + All-SEC honors

From Paul Boyd:

Just hope Deifel rejects the offers that inevitably comes her way.


I’d think she would. Or at least I think we’d match or beat any offers. While I doubt we’ll ever turn a profit on softball, we’re much more likely to reduce loss if we are winning. Besides, we want to win in the non-revenue sports, too. Not many schools can match us on salaries.

From interviews she seems to like it here. Seems like the real threat would be if like UCLA came calling because she’s a southern California native. I can say she’s super friendly, I was taking my young daughter ,who’s the same age as her son, to the bathroom at a baseball game a couple of years ago and we both had our kids on our shoulders and she told my daughter how much she loved her hog hat and told her she needed to play softball when she got bigger.

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