Arkansas soccer defeats No. 5 Texas A&M

A recap from today’s game, which was the Razorbacks’ fifth home victory over a top-5 team in the past five seasons.

Big win for the women.

any win for the hogs is huge, any loss for the aggies (spit) is nice. such a win-win!


For sure. They, and perhaps Vandy, were considered our main competition for the SEC regular season Crown. (Neither Florida nor Carolina seem vintage.)

Interesting how we were the coach’s preseason pick to win the league, yet A&M has a higher national ranking.

WPS! Good for the ladies.

Foudy really liked our first half, although we press so hard that we could be vulnerable to rapid counters. The mix of classes suggests we are secure and a real threat this year. G will be the key. Our strikers created a lot of chaos. Vandy is good, but not classic Vandy. Lots of good soccer in middle Tn so Vandy will get some talent to play soon enough. A name to follow for women’s soccer recruiting is Caroline Betts, have not heard any mutual interest between AR and Caroline. Betts scored her 100 th high school goal as a soph last year. AR seems very confident and willing to push and trust teammates to cover if needed. I liked our goal keeping last year better, but we are a force to reckon with in Covid world./ We push and run the opposition into the ground. Fun to watch.

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That’s Colby Hale’s style, has been for years. NC State shredded us with counters in the NCAAT last year, but he also wins games like this.

that is the point Jeff, live by the sword and die by the sword and is also whey the GK will be the key to going all the way. I just watched it with my Lightning winning the Stanley Cup. I know that is Coach Hale, has been and will be and if it translates to best there is, best there was and best there ever will be ala Brett Hart then I am all for it because they are fun to watch and I am living thru high school/travel team girls soccer. Hale’s kids could easily catch a bolt of lightning and win the whole enchillada this year. To be compared to UNC as Foudy did describing the game is great. I would have felt better at 4-0 as it could have been, but to win it with pressure on and not cracking bodes well. That was an all round great win against a quality opponent.

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