Arkansas signees and recruits

on some of the best teams in the nation.

'23 Layden Blocker- Sunrise

Anthony Black, '23 Ron Holland and '23 Cameron Barnes- Duncanville

'22 Jordan Walsh and '23 Omaha Biliew- Link Academy

'22 Nick Smith Jr. - [NLR]

NEW FAB 50: Look Who's Back! -

I haven’t seen any National High Schools/Prep Schools rankings. Is North Little Rock ranked? If not, they sure should be, considering the quality of their schedule.

No. 15 in this poll.

It is pretty impressive that two Arkansas public schools are ranked in the Top 50 nationally.

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Yes, and even more impressive, Magnolia is just a 5-A school. Leads me to believe that Ford is probably very under ranked, even as a top 50 recruit.

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Yep. He sure looks and plays like a 5*. This class will make history.

The incoming class has the potential to truly be a FAB 5! They will impact next season. I just wonder would CEM start 5 freshmen?

see KY blue smog for how to do one and done over and over again.

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True. But it’s about to catch up with John Calipari.

I believe, for as long as he’s here, Jaylin will be our starting center/power forward. His passing skills will be even more impressive when he’s passing to open players, who can actually put the ball in the basket. His scoring will improve every year he stays here. He’s the most likely player we’ve had here in a long time who can have a few triple doubles (points, boards, and assists).

I do think, next season, we’ll see 3 or 4 freshmen start. That could mean a little rocky first 8 or 10 games, but a really solid SEC season.

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I don’t see how you would take Jaylin Williams out of the starting lineup and then start 6-5, 6-5, 6-5 6-6 and 6-7 - none of whom are inside guys


No idea who said this, but I’m not even going to look. Who would think that??

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Up above it says I wonder if Coach CEM would start five freshmen.

That was my response.

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