Arkansas showing well at Pangos freshman/sophomore

Camp in DFW.

Top 30
Nick Smith 6-3 Sylvan Hills ‘22
Terran Williams 6-6 Barton
Jalen Ricks 6-6 Sylvan Hills

Top 60
Jesse Washington 6-0 Jonesboro ‘22
Tracy Steele 6-2 North Little Rock
Madison Peaster 6-3 Little Rock mills
Jalen Nettles 6-4 SylvanHills ‘22

Was able to trade a few texts with Van Coleman before he had to board a plane.

He said he really liked Terran Williams and Jalen Ricks.

I told him I was surprised Peaster didn’t make the top 30 and he said he just didn’t play well enough to make the cut. Madison can be a little passive at times and in a setting like that you can’t do that.

Geez we should rarely have to go out of state to recruit as long as Anderson and his staff play their cards right.

Aren’t Williams and Ricks both coming up for the Red/White game?

My goodness, Sylvan Hills looks like they should be really good the next 3 to 4 years. I live about 2 miles from that High School. Going to have to check out some of their basketball games this season.

Yes, several of the Hawks.