Arkansas showed out tonight

According to one of his Facebook posts, Don has seen Elton John 67 times. Of course that is a total number not for the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. And yes, Don was there, Garth #2 for him.

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CoJo puts on a good show. Ive seen him twice in the last couple of years. I think you will be impressed with the tribute he does to our service members and police.

When we were living in Boca Raton, FL, in the late 90s my ex won a heck of a prize from a local radio station, that included tickets to a McCartney concert in Orlando.

We, and 2 other couples that had also won the trip and concert, flew from Ft Lauderdale to Orlando in a small jet. We got picked up by a limo that took us to the arena. I was never a big McCartney fan, but my wife was a big fan, and I have to say, he did put on a great concert.

After the concert, the limo was waiting outside our gate and took us to the airport. We finally got home around 1:00 AM Sunday morning. It was a really fun trip, as the other 2 couples were really nice people.

I’m sure you will really enjoy the concert!


Only seen six real concerts. George Strait three times.

Others were Joe Nichols, Doobie Brothers and Huey Lewis and the News.

I don’t count the time at UCA that I was asked to escort a date (not a romance) to an Olivia Newton John Concert. It was at Barton Coliseum, an awful place for about anything but a tractor pull.

After two songs I convinced the date that we could watch a great movie at the new theatre. I believe it was One Flew Over the Kuckoos Nest. Good decision.

The date asked on way home if we were going to see each other again. I was non verbal.

I was introduced to Jean Ann two days later. I fell in love immediately.

Jean Ann recalled this week that we went to see A Bridge Too Far. I had to explain it a little. She learned quickly that she would have to learn to like war movies like Pearl Harbor. Saving Private Ryan.

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Oh boy in my 1970’s & early 80’s rocking days, probably seen close to 100 concerts. May be what’s wrong with my hearing now. Lol

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I met Olivia Newton John at the Dixie National rodeo in Jackson Mississippi in 75. Talking to someone with that Aussie accent was really cool. She was considered a country singer than and later that year she filmed Grease which shot her to big time fame. Really nice lady. Met several performers in my rodeo days.

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I live in Austin and spend a large portion of my disposable income on live music. I can’t even begin to list all of the shows I have seen in my lifetime. All of my favorites were in small venues though. I very rarely buy tickets for stadium shows. The sound fidelity is a important to me as the performer. Moody Theater here in Austin where Austin City Limits is filmed has about the best sound quality you will every hear in a venue. My absolute favorite venue ever was Chester’s on Dickson Street.


I spent too much time at Liberty Lunch, Continental Club, and Texas Tavern while at UT. Live music every weekend was a given. I think the first two are long gone. Not sure the Tavern still hosts shows, or not. Pretty cool - a professor (I didn’t have them for a class) hosted class in the Tavern so students could sample one of the hundreds of brews that were available. I’m sure the professor did as well. Good ole days, as they say - not sure you can do that today.

All are now gone except the Continental Club. Fortunately some very wealthy people in Austin that also love live music have begun to step in and save some venues. Keller Williams bought the strip mall that the Saxon Pub is in so it could stay open instead of losing it to development. The Moody family now has its name on I think four different places that host live music. The Scoot Inn was purchased by the owner of C3 productions that puts on ACL Fest and Lollapalooza when the neighborhoods around it started to get developed. The Broken Spoke was spared when developers bought the land all around it. It stands in the center of a multi use development like an oasis. Supposedly it can remain as long as it is operated as the Broken Spoke.

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Have you watched the documentary on the Broken Spoke? It is very good.

Yes. It is a really fun place. The burgers are good as well!

I’ll forever miss Chester’s

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I went to an Olivia Newton John concert at Barton in 1974 or 75 maybe? I was enrolled at UA at the time. She had two opening acts, the second one was an up and comer named Billy Joel!

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